Inspiration #1 Are you feeling uninspired?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I know that feeling of being completely uninspired by everything around you... I have a closet full of clothes but every morning I think that I have nothing to wear. The part that you are uninspired is annoying, but to actually find inspiration in something or someone is 10 times harder. I'm starting a little series on my blog called "Inspiration" where I give you some tips on where to find inspiration. From basic styling tips to celebrity style steals, it's all coming your way from now on! For the first ever Inspiration post I want to talk about what to do when you're feeling uninspired.

 First up, the magazine.
Magazines are a great way to get inspired by the latest trends, from street style to the catwalk of the greatest designers. I know that magazines can be daunting sometimes. Everything in there is so damn expensive! But what I love about it is that you can get a whole new idea of what to mix and match. For instance, you can see an outfit that is really over the top and you might think: "Who the hell is going to wear this?" But when you see outfits like these you just try and imagine what it would look like if you would simplify the outfit. I know it sounds very abstract, but you can get some awesome ideas out of it. I absolutely adore Instyle magazine, you see the latest pieces from the catwalk compared to affordable and comparable options that most people can afford. A store that basically copies things from the catwalk is H&M, they always have really quick and cheap fashion that is completely inspired by the catwalk. Love it!

Next are, celebrities. 
I think that most of us can get great inspiration out of celebrities, but the difficult part is that you don't want to exactly copy that person and start acting like that person. You want to be inspired by that person. I think it's a good idea to look up some celebrities that are close to your own taste, don't change your taste to suit someone else's. Also, when you're looking for inspiration think of age and weather for example. You might think this isn't important, but it really is. If your celebrity of choice is 15 years older than you and lives in a hot country whilst you live in a cold one, you can't really wear any of her outfits without feeling uncomfortable or really cold. I personally love Ariana Grande's style, she's one of my faves for style inspiration. She has the same taste as me, we're about the same age and in the summer I could definitely get away with one of her outfits! I also love Kylie Jenner's style, and the great thing about that is that she has a whole line together with Kendall Jenner (I love her style aswell!) on Pacsun, so we can all be Kylie and Kendall look-a-likes! :D But, I also get inspired by many other celebrities, and I will definitely do a style steal post in the near future.

And last but not least, the internet.
The internet is filled with inspiration. But where to you look for it? First you need to identify what your style is. If you don't do that, you will follow a million different blogs with different styles and you just don't get any inspiration out of that. Follow people that have the same style as you do, so that you feel comfortable when you for example re-create a look that you found on someone's blogs. Tumblr is filled with awesome pictures, you can simply search for any kind of fashion or whatever in the search bar and you will find many blogs to follow and many pictures to re-blog. Some of my favorites are: roses-and-metal, the-streetstyle, stayandmakeitmine and gwiyomi-fashion. And for blogs, it's the same thing. I would recommend making a bloglovin' account, there you have all of you favorite blogs (also tumblr!) on one website. Of course, I will be doing many Inspiration posts. If you have any recommendations or anything that you really want me to cover, let me know in the comment section! 

So, are you feeling uninspired? I hope this has helped you to get back on track.

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