Musthaves #2 Spring Break Fashion Musthaves

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As promised, here are my Top 10 Fashion Musthaves for Spring Break! Where I live, spring break is cold yet slowly but surely getting warmer and sunnier. The first musthave are my PJ's! When I'm having a lazy day (most of the days), I just lounge in my pajamas all day long.  These cute pajamas, that remind sooo much of Andy's wallpaper in Toy Story, are from Primark. 

My second musthave are my leggings. When I do need to get out of my house I need to look somewhat presentable. Leggings do the trick. They can look really sophisticated yet you feel like you're wearing your pajamas. These two are from American rag and Esprit.

To wear on top I go for a chunky sweater or a comfy T-shirt, my nest two musthaves. My grey chunky sweater is from Monki, and I love it! It's cropped, it still keeps me warm but it's not too thick by any means, and is just looks really nice with anything. My T-shirt is from New Look and it has cute little daisies on it! This one is cropped and tightens at the waist with an elastic band. This is makes me just want to go out and skip and in the park!

My next musthave is my denim jacket! I feel like denim jackets just scream SPRING! This one is from H&M and it just fits my petite body perfectly. 

For shoes I prefer wearing sneakers. These Converse look-a-likes are from H&M and they are, I believe, a tenner. They have seen better days since I wore them when I once went survivaling with school and went running through mud and such.. But you can throw these in the washing machine without a doubt. And since they are so cheap, it doesn't really matter what happens to them.

For accessorize I like to pump up my outfit with cute lase socks, my sunglasses and a nice purse. My socks are from H&M as well, aren't they super cute!? I love rolling up my pants to show these cute socks.
Now, it is getting sunnier and warmer and that means.. SUNGLASSES! These are my go-to sunglasses, Ray Ban wayfarers. And finally, my purse is from Coach. This is the perfect size for everyday wear and it just goes with everything!

What are your fashion musthaves for spring break? XO,


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