Musthaves #3 Top 5 Body Lotions & Butters

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring is right around the corner, and we all want to rip off our sweaters and jeans already. But we also want nice, moisturized skin. These are my favorite body lotions and body butters of the moment. Now, I have to say, I'm really lazy and always forget to moisturize. But I do want to have soft and moisturized skin in spring and these are just the perfect products for me.

First product is probably something we all have laying around somewhere. Johnson's Baby Oil is a staple in my collection. I really love this together with a lighter body lotion. I find it working very quickly and effectively and is just a great all-rounder.

Then for a luxurious alternative, number 2, the Laura Mercier crème de pistache soufflé body crème. I think this little tube was from some sorta gift set, because this product normally comes in a big tub. I have been trying this out recently and I love the scent! It's a really rich scent of pistachio which I just find super nice! As far as moisturzing, you'll be fine with this product. It's really rich and thick and does really make your skin nice and soft.

On to number 3, which is probably my favorite of them all. The Korres Body Milk in Bitter Almond. If you like nutty scents, you will love this! It smells just as the name describes it.. like bitter almond. But the reason I love this so much is because it's filled with organic ingredients, and I'm an organic freak! It is a body "milk", so it's not as heavy as a body butter.. it's just the right consistency to moisturize your body on an every day basis. (Plus, it comes with a pump.. AWESOME!)

Now on to the last two products, The Body Shop Body Butters! We all love them. I have the Pink Grapefruit, number 4, and Strawberry, number 5, scented ones here, and what I love about them is that they smell incredible and that they are mini sizes. You can find these at The Body Shop for around a fiver I believe, so it's a good way to try them out without spending any money on a product that is quite massive and you might potentially not like at all.

So now that I've shared my favorites.. what is you favorite body lotion/butter that I definitly should try out? XO,

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