OOTD #1 Floral pants and pointy loafers

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pants: Zara - Leather loafers: H&M - Grey T: Monki - Bracelet: Swarovski - Rings: H&M - Necklace: I can't remember :(

Today's look might be something most people feel uncomfortable with: patterned pants. How do you style these the right way?

Now, what I always find the difficult part in not to mess up an outfit with pants like these, is to decide what I'm going to wear up top. I love this grey T from Monki, the sleeves are slightly longer than a regular T-shirt so you can roll them up for an extra something. For jewelry I like to keep it simple. You could add a nice statement necklace here, but I much more prefer a delicate chain around the neck. I'd say pull out your rings and play around to see what looks best on you. I love the rings from H&M, so cheap and they just look really nice on! 

I picked these up when I was shopping specifically for items that were out of my comfort zone. They feel like regular jeans, but these just have velvet flowers on them. You could get a way with these on a cold winters day, but you could for sure wear these in spring as well! They just feel like regular jeans after all.

When I wear "statement pants" I don't really like to wear shoes that will cover them up, it just gets a little bit too much. Pairing this with some nice loafers or even white sneakers is the best way to go. These are from H&M, so very affordable. They are made out of real leather and fit surprisingly really well.

This might not be very wintery, but I'm just longing to spring and summer! So if you're still feeling a bit cold, you could easily throw on a cropped, black blazer with this look. Would you dare to wear trousers like these? XO

PS. I want to thank my bestie Mette for helping me with these amazing pics. Go show her some love and follow her on instagram! Mette's instagram: http://instagram.com/mettevdl

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