Review #3 Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My favorite affordable lipstick formulas have to be the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks by Catrice. Now, for you that don't know what Catrice is.. it's a German brand made by the same company as Essence. Because these two brands are from the same company doesn't mean they have similar products. The only thing similar, I find, are the prices. Both are incredibly affordable and there are some products that are great quality as well.

These lipsticks retail for 3.99 euros in Europe, which is honestly a bargain! They are really smooth, pigmented, and the packaging is really nice as well. The packaging is made out of aluminium I believe. It feels quite heavy, but that just shows that the packaging is great quality. I have 4 colors in my collection, and honestly.. I'm obsessed. They have so many colors to choose from, and I really want to try out more. But at the moment I'm happy with these colors.

270 Matt-erial Girl is a magenta color and has a matte finish. Even though it's matte, it does NOT dry my lips out! They are very long lasting and apply really nicely. This color is one of my faves for this time of the year. 

290 Sweet Coraline is a coral shade and is also a matte finish. I wouldn't say COMPLETELY matte, but definitely a velvet finish. This one comes out quite orange on my lips, so I'm waiting for the summer time to wear this color.

010 Be Natural! is a nude with hints of brown and peach in it which goes well with my warm complexion. It's still quite a light shade, so it's not my favorite. When I apply a generous amount it washes me out. So with a light hand it's a nice everyday shade. The formula of this one is really creamy and quite glossy as well. 

260 It's A Matt World was the first Catrice lipstick that I ever bought. It's a bright red shade with a very obvious orange undertone. It's stunning. This one is matte as well, and just lasts all day beautifully. However, this shade has been discontinued recently.. maybe you can still find it somewhere in drugstores in Europe, but I doubt that. But this shade will be replaced by a new shade that is probably very similar in color.

So, my overall thought are.. I LOVE THEM. They are amazing quality and they look really nice as well. I wouldn't think these were only 3.99 if I were to just try out the lipstick without knowing any background information. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Catrice products online.. which just sucks. You can find them on Ebay and Amazon, but there the products are just way overpriced. If you're visiting Europe soon, GO TO THE DRUGSTORE. Really, you won't regret it!

Have you tried anything from Catrice? XO

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