Weekly Favorites #3

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another end of the week, another weekly favorites post! Choosing this week's favorites was hard.. I was wearing minimal make-up and using minimal beauty products since I had nowhere really to go this week. But these 4 items are really my go-to, "no make-up make-up" look essentials and have been my favorites for this week.

First up is the beloved Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer in Blondes, I ADORE this bronzer. It's best bronzer I've ever tried. I've been loving it especially this week because I wanted to achieve a natural, all over bronze look. And this product is just perfect for that. I've done a review on this product with swatches, click here to check it out.

The second product that I have been enjoying especially this week is my moisturizer! At the moment I'm using the Nivea Young Control Shine! moisturizer. I love this just as a normal moisturizer underneath my make-up, but I've been loving it even more mixed together with my foundation. I use half a pump foundation and half a squeeze moisturizer and it just greats a really nice fluffy and light consistency. This just makes my base product really natural, like a tinted moisturizer. Love it!

Next up is the Rocket Volum' Express mascara by Maybelline. For the longest time I've hated this mascara, just like the Falsies by Maybelline. But now I know how to work with it, I finally understand the hype that it got! I start at the root of my lashes and curl the wand upwards, creating a sort of circular motion. It gives amazing volume and length, and I just really like it.

And then last but certainly not least, Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Rose Bloom. Does this sound familiar? I used this product in my latest FOTD post here, you can see swatches and the product on my cheeks if you're interested. This is my all-time favorite blush, EVER. Like the name indicates, this blush just becomes one with your skin. It just blends in seamlessly and creates the most natural flush of color on the cheeks. It's the perfect everyday shade, or the perfect "I-don't-know-what-blush-to-wear" shade. I love it!

What have you been loving this week? XO,

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