Musthaves #4 My Current Spring Lip Combo

Thursday, March 20, 2014

At the moment I've been loving this combo! Normally I like to stay away from anything that's pink and glossy, just because I think it doesn't suit me really well and I hate it when my hair gets in my gloss. But, this combo is juuust right for me.

First I apply the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon in 03 Orange Punch, which is a vibrant, glossy, orange shade. I love the texture of this and it stays put for a really long time as well. This also has an SPF of 15 in it, which is always nice to have (especially in the summer). I love the shade, but sometimes I find it a bit too orange. So, one time I decided to put Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in 008 Peony over it and I got the most amazing color out of it! I have never seen a lip color in this kind of shade before. Even a friend asked me what I was wearing on my lips that day, which normally never happens. I'm not sure If I can describe the color, but Ihe; It's a pinky coral shade which is lighter than your typical coral, but also not as light as a baby pink. It's somewhere in between a pink, and a coral with orange undertones you could say.
So, as you can probably tell, it's a pretty unique color. If you have these two lip products laying around by chance (these two are quite popular after all), than please give it a try! Maybe it doesn't suit you, but maybe it will!

What do you think of these two shades combined? And what is your current spring lip combo? XO,

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