Weekly Favorites #5

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another end of the week, another weekly favorites! This week was a very relaxed week somehow. I slept in almost every day and had lots of free time, which makes me a very happy gal. Now, let just get started with the favorites!

First is a brush, this is the Essence Kabuki brush. I've been using this recently to apply all over bronzer on my face for some sun kissed glow since the sun is coming out and I don't want everyone to see how pale
I am! It works well with any kind of powder product, definitely worth the 4 bucks I spent on this brush.
The brush I pretty dense, and quite soft too! I'm not saying it's the softest I've ever felt, but it's good if you're only starting out.

Next up are two products, the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Bluefin and the Diorshow Waterproof Liner in Navy. They're quite similar, both are liners and both are blue. I've been loving a bit of blue liner recently, and I think it's a great alternative to brown and black. Most people go for dark purple as an alternative, but I actually think blue looks really pretty on most eye colors, if not all eye colors. I've done a review of the Stila Smudge Stick, for more details/swatches check it out here. They are both very creamy and last all day. Good, all-round liners!

The third item is the Maybelline the Eraser in Fair. I've been loving this recently for several things: 1. It has really nice coverage, for me it's just the right consistency. And 2. I love highlighting with this underneath my foundation. I apply some to the high points of my face and also underneath the eyes/around the nose. And then, before I blend it, I apply something like a tinted moisturizer (something with sheer coverage) over it and it mixes all together and just gives a lovely finish. 

And now my last product, something I have talked about before, the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in It's a Matt World. I've been loving this color recently, a fiery orange/red shade. Again, I've done a review on this product, check it out here. The formula is really nice, not drying at all. Great pigmentation, lasts all day, and just looks really flattering on the lips! 

What have you been loving this week? XO,

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