Weekly Favorites #6

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another end of the week, another weekly favorites. This week I've been experimenting with some new products and old favorites. I like to switch up my beauty products as frequent as possible, preferably every week, so that I can keep my content fresh and not repetitive. I would love to hear your recommendations to try out, so please let me know in the comments below.

Okay, end of my ramble-session. First favorite is a nude lipstick, this one is the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 010 Be Natural! I'm really liking this lipstick lately, which is odd, since I just never wear nude lipstick. For me it's really hard to find something that suits my complexion and doesn't wash me out. This one is brown enough for me, but is definitely  much more pink/peach than usually looks good on me. So, if you don't really like nudes, this might be the one that will change your mind. I've also done a review on these lipsticks, check it out here.

My second favorite is another Catrice product! I definitely love this brand, they are super affordable and have some great quality products. If you can get your hands on Catrice products make sure to give some a whirl. And especially this next products, which has been my go-to blush of the week. The Catrice Defining Blush in 070 Pinkerbell. Look at that color! A hot pink shade with no shimmer in it at all and with great pigmentation. I have nothing bad to say about this blush, it's cheap as chips and just works well. Love it!

My third favorite has been on my blog before as well, the Laura Mercier crème de pistache soufflé body crème. I've had really dry skin lately and this is just the answer to all of my problems. I even use this on my hands because they have been really dry. I don't know if you guys have ever had this, but I have been having really dry hands just before I go to bed. During the rest of the day I'm fine, but just before I go to bed I have extremely dry hands and I need some sorta cream to moisturize them. And this works really well. 

And last but not least, my favorite hair product of the week has been the Arrojo Hydro Mist. I spray this on to my damp hair and this makes my hair really soft and helps to detangle as well. I love the smell of this, and in general, it just works really well. I'm a big fan of the Arrojo line and have multiple products from them. I highly recommend trying them out, even though they are not the cheapest. But, I have to say, they are certainly worth every penny. 

So, what have you been loving this week? XO,

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