Haul #2 A bit of Drugstore

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I did a little bit of  drugstore shopping recently. I sure love me some good bargains, so I'm all in for drugstore products.  I always go in because I need 1 thing, but I come out with tons of extra things. In this case, 7.
Let's just dive into it, shall we?

First up are two nail polishes from NYC. I heard great things about the Quick Dry nail polishes so I decided to pick up one to see if I would like it. Its the bottle on the left and its called Blue Sky 320. I haven't tried this one out yet but I think it'll be beautiful with a tan. 

Because nail polishes were on offer (buy one get one free, I love that) I picked another nail polish, also from NYC. It's one of their Expert Last nail polishes in the color Lavender Cupcake 257. I've wanted a nail polish in this kind of color for a very long time, and the NYC ones are really cheap so they're great to just try out. I'm wearing this shade on my nails now and so far so good. 

I have been longing for the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for a long time, but everyone has already tried that one out and I wanted to talk about something that wasn't as hyped up. I needed a new concealer anyway so I went for the Super Stay 24 Hour concealer in 2 Light. The consistency is nice, good coverage and lasts really long as the name suggests. But the shade is a bit off for me at the moment, but when I get tanner it will be a better match.

Number 3 is also a product that I've been eyeballing. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I needed something that works fast and well, and everyone said this was good so I'm trying it out. If you want a review, let me know!

Next product was the reason I went into the drugstore in the first place. I needed a new everyday moisturizer and I really wanted to try out something from the drugstore. Now, I didn't look it up or anything before I bought it. I went to the store and just bought it. It's the Nivea Light Moisturizing Day Cream. I've tried it out on my hand and it was super moisturizing yet it didn't feel greasy at all. I think I'm gonna love this stuff.

More nail stuff! I saw these nail stickers from L'oreal for half price and I just couldn't say no. I thought they looked rather interesting and I've never tried nail stickers before. These ones are called 005 French Marinie. 

Two more hyped up products. 6 & 7 are definitely products you've seen before. The Vaseline Spray&Go Body Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant. I love how quick you can be with this, and also it smells really delicious. I've only had it for a day so I will try it when I come out of the shower and want to put my clothes on. And then we'll see if it really works.

So number 7 is the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé. The scent and taste are soooo yummy! I understand why people love this. It also moisturizes well, but the scent and taste are really what makes me love it. This might be my new favorite lip balm!

So, that was it for my haul! If you want to see a review of anything, please let me know! Do you know any other drugstore product that I might enjoy? XO

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